21ene. 18h// Alfonso Montilla Soto/ Arquingenierías en el agua. El contexto internacional en la hibridación de las disciplinas


El próximo miércoles día 21 de enero, dentro del ciclo de actividades que desarrolla el Grupo de Investigación Geometrías de la Arquitectura Contemporánea, tendrá lugar una conferencia del arquitecto ALFONSO MONTILLA SOTO, con título Arquingenierías en el agua. El contexto internacional en la hibridación de las disciplinas. Se tratatará de una conferencia a propósito del desarrollo de su tesis doctoral en curso, dirigida por Miguel Martínez Garrido (ETSAM) y Juan Calatrava Escobar (ETSA Granada URG) La sesión tendrá lugar en…

displacements issue #2: ReFi REALITY FICTION deadline extended: February 1st, 2015


A multiplied reality threaded in fictions. Masked and sneaky. Nonetheless, material. Unstable. A kind of spatialized white noise of mixed signals, the land of #ReFi ——— To come up with a clean and causal narrative becomes impossible. A contradiction in terms. The #ReFi call cannot be a three paragraph text with a few randomly chosen questions. A coherent linear fiction with setup, body and resolution, out of a reality which has none of it. To surrender the endless potential of fiction, of the real; the fascinating forces of the real, of fiction ——— Instead, we offer an ever-changing map of that reality-fiction mesh. A tool to explore and operate within an undifferentiated and evanescent territory with the aid of vanishing or fictitious reference points. A call to fabricate, to discover, to compose new fleeting configurations ——— The call becomes a territory, an instrument and an invitation to explore it.

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