Protocolo para los alumnos propuestos // With Honors

Protocolo a seguir por los alumnos propuestos a Matrícula de Honor

Lunes 1 de junio – Evento

10:00h a 12:00h

P1-4 : Sala de Estudios (planta 2ª)
P5-9: Sala de Conferencias (planta 3ª)

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P1-4 : Sala de Estudios (planta 2ª)
P5-9: Sala de Conferencias (planta 3ª)

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Lectura de notas + cocktail

OBSOLESCENCE and RENOVATION – 20th Century Housing in the New Millennium


Today, approximately 80% of people in Europe live in buildings that are thirty years old or more. Around 50% of people live in houses that are fifty years old and more. The possible obsolescence of this housing stock is a critical issue – both across the continent of Europe and beyond. The reasons for this obsolescence are various: changing lifestyles leave old models of houses outdated; changed demographics mean more single occupiers and an increasingly aged population; in many instances the quality of construction and environmental standards have been superseded by a concern for fuel efficiency and reductions in carbon emissions. In other cases, the communities that once lived closely in old estates and neighbourhoods have crumbled – leaving people in isolation and lacking services.

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With Honors

Sala de conferencias + Sala de estudios

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